We are curious.

About people, products, solutions, and companies.

Action, innovation, and uniqueness: these are our most important tools. We question ourselves and our customers, sometimes until the cows come home. It doesn’t matter how much experience and industry knowledge we already have, we want to know more, precisely and with certainty. After all, the next answer may be the decisive one. We can only develop outstanding B2B communication if we have understood complex topics so well that they become simple to us.

We believe in creativity.

And that it needs to achieve measurable success.

Determination, passion, and enthusiasm: traits we apply in all our work. Good advertising awakens emotions. It shapes relationships between people and brands. It builds trust. In B2B marketing, advertising aims not only at the heart but also at the head. Because no one makes big investment decisions from the gut. Therefore, our ideas are as emotional as possible, as informative as necessary, and always unique.

We are team players.

With both colleagues and clients.

Agile structures, tailor-made teams, and sparring partners: for us, integrated communication is a key to success. For and with our clients, and within the agency, we truly do work collaboratively. We form teams of employees from different disciplines for specific tasks, and then together, we excel.

One agency.
Every discipline.

When we say full service, we mean it. Not only do we cover the entire range of 360° communication, from brochures to global online campaigns, we also serve you the best conference cookies. We'll be happy to tell you what we’re all about over a cup of coffee

  • Strategic Planning
  • Classic Advertising
  • Sales Communication
  • Dialog Marketing
  • Digital & Social Media
  • Literature
  • Corporate Identity & Design
  • Corporate Publishing & PR
  • Employer Branding
  • Fair & POS

brand management

Our work is transparent, comprehensible, and well-structured. We’ve developed a set of tools for recurring processes that guarantees an efficient and methodical system. This helps us create space for profitable ideas.

Analysis Tools

  • RS Competitor-Check
    RS Communication-Check
  • RS Audience-Check

Strategy Tools

  • RS Profiler
  • RS Sales
  • RS Brand Architecture

Service Tools

  • RS Requirement-Check
  • RS Quality-Check
  • RS Kick-Off
  • RS Review

Creative Tools

  • RS Naming
  • RS Claiming
  • RS Logo-Designer
  • RS Look & Feel
Chart with rs-agency statistics
Chart with rs-agency statistics


Thilo Schirmer • Managing Partner
Maurice de La Bastide • Managing Partner


Thilo Schirmer • Managing Partner
Maurice de La Bastide • Managing Partner