Bild eines Service-Mitarbeiters bei der Arbeit

Be the right one. Siemens is looking for skilled workers.

There are an increasing number of wind parks being built worldwide, while the existing ones continue to run. As such, the maintenance of wind parks is a growing market with a huge demand for skilled workers – which are very hard to find. Therefore, Siemens Service Wind tries to motivate their own employees to register for further training for higher technical service or middle management positions. Which is where we came in. 


Siemens had a complex task to master. Firstly, their internal system for further training is complex, with touchpoints at countless departments worldwide. Not all employees know what to do in order to climb the next steps on the career ladder or how many steps there are at all. Secondly, too many employees are satisfied with the status quo or have other reasons not to advance their career within the organization.

Our approach was to develop an internal HR campaign, calling out to all employees to seize available career opportunities and "be the right one".

At the heart of messaging was a set of motivational posters, supported by videos. The five versions covered five professions and referred to the five departments accompanying the project. The clips showed actual  Siemens Service Wind Power employees who exemplified interesting or unusual careers.

At several kickoff events, the motto and the communication measures were presented to managers, who were also supplied with presentation material to hand out to staff. To support this we produced personalized giveaways, buttons, and stickers which carried the messaging and helped to spread it within the company.

Motivational e-mail banners were used for drawing attention to a second part of the campaign: an online tool we developed that illustrates which steps to take to climb up the career ladder and which requirements they should meet. Unlike the rest of the campaign, this tool is available to externals. It is the first step of an external recruiting campaign which will be launched in the future.

The right candidate at the right time

Find your personal career ladder

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