19. April 2017

feinundfein: A new web presence for high-quality cookies

B2B doesn’t have to mean the classic blend of industry, technology, and complex services. Case in point: After Gregor Rosenbauer, co-founder and eponym of RosenbauerSolbach withdrew from the advertising business, he started a biscuit manufacturing company, feindunfein, with the goal of making a biscuit far higher in quality than the normal, mainstream fare found at business conferences and the like.     

This special B2B client recently enlisted our aid to launch a new version of the company’s website.   

The re-launch of the website was preceded by an online survey, conducted with the RS Audience-Check. The concept and design of the website were then based on the results: attractive appearance with tasteful imagery representative of what feinundfein’s customers really appreciate – the high quality and positive influence that its products have on an organization’s meeting culture.   

The fully responsive design of the website together with the use of the e-commerce software Shopware 5, make shopping for these exclusive biscuits and pralines an absolute pleasure.   

View the website for yourself here: www.feinundfein.de