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RosenbauerSolbach is one of the leading B2B agencies in the GWA, the General Association of Communication Agencies. For more than 45 years we have thought and lived B2B marketing for large corporations and medium-sized businesses, on a project basis, and as the lead agency. We develop integrated communications that package complex messages in a simple but fascinating way. We connect companies with their customers and bring brands forward measurably. We can do the same for yours.

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Complex products, technologies, and services are our core business as a B2B agency. With each new brand and every company that we work for, we broaden our horizons. And the better we know you and your market, the better our creative work for you hits the mark.

RS news

08. March 2022

Pure eye candy: the 2021 RosenbauerSolbach showreel.

Is it necessary to write miles of text for hard to explain products and complex services – or can they be packaged quickly and easily in good pictures? You may find the answer in our new showreel of work from the past year. While the output for live events such as trade fairs in 2021 was, as… more

16. June 2021

Sharp Plaza goes home office

Sharp Plaza goes home officeSharp Plaza? Haven't we seen that before? That' s right, if you follow our news closely you will remember: Exactly two years ago we opened a three-dimensional, interactive web tool for our customer Sharp. Here, interested parties and potential users can experience… more

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