27. March 2017

What’s going on in the world of online marketing?

Although B2B communication is still predominantly traditional, and online marketing is often restricted to SEO/SEA measures, we are now experiencing a tangible change in our daily business. From simple social media campaigns to the shift from the classic distribution channels into the Internet, the industry is gaining momentum.

In order to see the bigger picture and think outside the B2B filter bubble, we engaged in some major headbanging at the Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) Festival in Hamburg in early March.

Known as THE platform for the digital marketing industry, OMR drew some 200 exhibitors and 25,000 visitors to this year’s two-day festival: A must-attend for anyone at home in advertising and communication.

The event offers a unique blend of trade fair, networking, advanced training, and partying. With first-hand case studies on topics such as content or influencer marketing at the public exposition, or with niche themes such as Organic Social Videos discussed in specific seminars, the festival provided new knowledge, new contacts, and lots of inspiration.

Inspiration that we would quite like to share with you. Contact us if your company wants to become more digital, if you want to open up new target groups online, or if you don’t want to lose connections to existing ones. We are happy to investigate and discuss what is feasible and beneficial in regard to short and long-term implementation.