27. March 2017

World-class communication

RosenbauerSolbach was founded at a time when globalization was first gaining momentum. Then came the dawn of the Internet, giving globalization a huge push and turning the entire world into one single marketplace – in which German companies are export-focused. As a result, German companies’ b2b communication is now almost always international.

Germany is a world champion in exporting, and not only when it comes to size. Many small and medium-sized German businesses are also world market leaders in terms of quality. And while being able to export to every corner of the globe is a great opportunity, it also presents many obstacles. Companies have to stand their ground, and stand out, against global competition. This challenges not only their management but also their b2b communication experts – experts like us. Because there is more to international marketing communications than: "Have this translated, please". All the varied cultural and economic differences of the target market have to be taken into account. Internationalization already begins in meetings and at presentations: Quite often, participants are multinational and all communication is in English. Just as often, clients brief a new project to be executed and rolled out in English only.

This is why we rely on an international mindset and foreign language competence in-house. Or as we call it: John. John is an English native speaker and communications expert and fills a permanent position with us as Senior Copywriter for concept and copy. 

Clearly, despite our decades of experience, we don’t rest on our laurels. We continuously evaluate what has to be done to provide you with the best possible service in b2b communication. Whether you need a completely new campaign or a rollout of an existing one, whether it’s image communication or a distribution concept – or "just" a brochure – in every situation, you can expect us to deliver world-class communication.