24. July 2023

Zeppelin Power Systems: Transformation at full throttle.

We're happy to leave candy bars and soft drinks to our colleagues from well-known creative agencies and instead take care of the backbone of Germany's economy: medium-sized industry.

Take Zeppelin Power Systems, for example. Headquartered in Hamburg, the company is part of the international Zeppelin Group and is the official sales and service partner for Caterpillar engines. Zeppelin Power Systems has been providing system solutions for propulsion, power and heat for more than 70 years. With predominantly mechanical combustion systems with up to 5,650 kWh of power, decarbonization and digitalization are almost inevitably involved at some point. In order to select the best agency partner for this, Zeppelin Power Systems announced an honored pitch (We love fair clients.) with four participating agencies, which RosenbauerSolbach was able to win (Yes!).

In preparation for the communications support of the transformation process, we are currently developing a positioning for the company, formulating the new self-image, developing the corporate design and preparing a whole range of communication activities. At full throttle, but CO2-neutral.