KeyVisual from the Planten un Boomen garden in Hamburg

Drawing the bigger picture of Siemens. 

When large companies attend large trade fairs, we're often presented with the assignment to create one exhibition concept that represents all of the company's independent divisions. So, how do we squeeze five of Siemens' divisions into one communication concept - or even just one poster layout?  


At WindEnergy Hamburg 2016, the leading trade fair for the wind power industry, Siemens' Wind Power, Wind Service, Wind Equipment, Grid Access and Financial Services divisions presented themselves. Our task was to develop a universal key visual that unified the five divisions, was the face of Siemens at the fair, and incorporated the motto "Smart Solutions every step of the way".

We equipped ourselves with special photographic equipment for capturing extreme perspectives and went to Planten un Blomen, a large park that stretches partly along the WindEnergy Hamburg 2016 exhibition area. Here, at a large pond with stepstone paths, we chronicled youth "meeting on the stepping stones to a greener future". The picture was completed with digital renderings of a grid (Grid Access), data (Wind Service), and numbers (Financial Services), and last but not least, a wind park at the center (Wind Power, Wind Equipment).

The picture itself also accompanies visitors every step of the way.

Werbeplakat für die Wind Energy Hamburg 2016
Four flags with advertising for Wind Energy Hamburg 2016

Typically Hamburg: We have lots of experience with wind.

Screenshot des KeyVisuals von der Website auf einem iMac

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