Close up of 4 different accessories

Rendering is the way to go.
3D visualization by RosenbauerSolbach.

There are many reasons why we recommend 3D visualization to our clients. First of all, using CGI we are able to visualize ideas and concepts a lot faster and more efficiently. Also, we can present products and features in a visually striking manner. All steps in the process, from rendering all the way up to modeling, take place in-house.

Thousands of products that are only distinguishable by their details?

Special product features that need to be highlighted?

In these cases, photorealistic or hyper-realistic 3D visualization is the way to.

The first advantage compared to photography is that any object – from a single screw to a whole machine – can be lighted and rendered independent of a location, time, size and environment. Future product shots don't have to be set up from scratch but can be alternated based on the existing 3D model. That saves lots of time and money. 

In order to highlight technical details, 3D animation is used. Here as well, the possibilities are endless: from a simple exploded drawing to an interactive sales app with 360° views.

Last but not least, CGI enables us to visualize three-dimensional concepts of any kind in a straightforward way. For instance, ideas for exhibition booths, direct mailings, packaging and much more can be "sold" to others more easily without challenging the imagination.


Bringing technical details to life.

Animation der Cinema 4D Arbeitsentwicklung auf einem MacBook
Screenshot from the Siemens animation

Difficult to explain products are often just as difficult to present.

Sketches are good. 
3D-Sketches are much better.

3D-Skizze von einem Elaflex-Messestand