Jastram: New design concept for the specialists for manoeuvring technology

Jastram is a specialist for manoeuvring technology in shipping with headquarters in Hamburg. For the SMM – the leading international trade fair for the maritime industry – a completely new brand appearance was to be created. Our tasks included designing and structuring the website, including 3D renderings, text creation and programming.

The manufacturer of ship propulsion and controls combines traditional craftsmanship and modern engineering –and has been doing so for four generations already. However, the brand appearance of the market leader for “Active Noise Reduction” was looking tired.

Does it always have to be blue?

For the design – in contrast to the competition – we used a colour scheme that suits the production site in Hamburg-Bergedorf:
The modern world of work meets industrial architecture here – brick façades and muntin windows made from steel. Employees and future colleagues experience their workplace as an attractive environment. Typical for a manufacturer, individual and innovative products are developed here with passion. To catch the intensive atmosphere, photos were taken at the location – the imagery of the web appearance also makes this location digitally tangible.

Making technical details visible

The products focus on noise-reducing propulsion technology for different types of vessel. On the website we show detailed 3D renderings that give additional information via vibrant hotspots.

Everything at once please: Typography, colours, pictures

Noto Sans is the font used - it functions in every section on the web and for print. And thus also for the exhibition stand that, together with the website, we realised extremely quickly.

The colours used are derived from the surroundings, where the company has been at home since it was founded in 1873: In the charming urban part of Hamburg-Bergedorf, industrial architecture meets new technologies. And as the rudder propellers operate in the water, there is a blue tone as an accent colour alongside the dark and earthy tones. The specially taken pictures underline the desired atmosphere here.

Focused on products and people – caught in authentic imagery

Clear the stage for fascinating 3D product views

3D product images were created for the visualisation of the complex products – such as transverse thrusters: from drama via beauty shot to the more technical representation as an outline.