16. June 2021

Die Sharp-Plaza geht ins Homeoffice.

Sharp Plaza goes home office

Sharp Plaza? Haven't we seen that before? That' s right, if you follow our news closely you will remember: Exactly two years ago we opened a three-dimensional, interactive web tool for our customer Sharp. Here, interested parties and potential users can experience Sharp's products and solutions in realistic application situations and get an overview of the entire ecosystem. From multifunction printers to videowalls and point-of-sale systems, numerous devices across different ranges interconnect to create a more efficient working environment.

Sharp Plaza showcases an urban building complex that includes retail stores, dining, office space, education - and most recently, a home office environment.
We certainly don't need to explain what prompted Sharp and us to make this expansion. Hybrid working, that is, collaboration with colleagues who are not in the same location, will be as indispensable in the future as the integration of office and remote workplaces such as the home office. This calls for the use of digital equipment, but notebooks and compact multifunction printers have not only been part of the portfolio since the pandemic.

How the workplace at home can be linked with classic processes in the company can now also be marveled at on the Sharp Plaza. The virtual world can be seen here: www.sharp.de/apps/sharp-plaza/

RosenbauerSolbach has been working with Sharp for almost 20 years and is the lead agency responsible for the communication of all B2B-relevant product lines in the D-A-CH region.