The dual entry point

GOM is one of the world's leading companies for industrial 3D metrology. For the introduction of a new and modular entry-level product, ARAMIS, GOM was looking for a suitable online visualization. An assignment that also marked our entry into the world of GOM.

The product category ARAMIS comprised three sensor systems, with a fourth to be added. Although our only task was to perform a visualization for the new system, we took a closer look at the overall situation – and recommended GOM reorganize the entire product category.

The fact that we identified such potential for improvement in the communication structure without prior product knowledge and then proactively make suggestions was well received by GOM, who had already come to a similar conclusion internally. News of our approach spread quickly and led to numerous follow-up orders from various GOM departments.

And the original job? The modular aspect of ARAMIS Adjustable was given a high-quality 3D visualization in the form of a dynamic scroll animation, which was enthusiastically received by all stakeholders.

Close up of the scanner eye

Cleaning up doesn't sound like pleasure,

but why stop when you're having fun?