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Indivumed: Telling a story that matters

We count ourselves fortunate that many jobs – and clients – fill us with a passion for the work. Such as Indivumed: an integrated global oncology company with the world's premier high-content tumor database and highest quality biobank. Indivumed is a true pioneer in its crucial mission of developing personalized cancer treatment – but in order to go even further, the physician-led company needed a new website that would reflect their values and showcase their expertise in a more marketable light.

Our challenge: tell a vital brand story while increasing the efficiency of the complex and content-heavy website’s functionality. And make it look good.

The first part of our solution was to repackage the navigation approach, so that users would immediately get the full, unique story of Indivumed.

At the same time, we needed to consider the audience who might want to get directly to the nuts and bolts, so we completely reworked the existing services and products.

Finally, a crisp new design and stunning new photos brought all the elements together – and the Indivumed story to life.

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