Railway overhead lines close-up

Vossloh Rail Services: Getting Communication on track.

It’s one thing to have the most modern technology with the most complete product portfolio on the market, but it’s another to make this fact known to the target groups. Vossloh Rail Services (VRS), a supplier of products and services for rail maintenance, wanted to take pole position in the public image. So, they commissioned us to set the course through attention-grabbing and convincing communication.

Rails and switches are subject to wear, which can lead to serious rail faults and thus to a greatly reduced service life, making regular maintenance measures a must. VRS offers rail network operators a 360° maintenance portfolio which increases network efficiency and availability.
Its portfolio includes real USPs and technical superlatives: no-one else has faster or more compact machines, no-one else maintains rails more efficiently, no-one else offers all services from a single source. VRS finds new ways to link the world of steel and heavy equipment to the possibilities of the digital sphere.

The route to the communicative pole position was multi-tracked:

  1. Restructure the website content.
  2. Conceive and implement an image film.
  3. Develop a communication concept and execute it though a cross-media campaign. The target group: technical buyers and engineers.

While we were working on that, two world-firsts were still under development, to be presented in time for the international trade fair: InnoTrans. We now had everything that communication professionals need: a highly technical, extremely complex topic, tons of work, and a deadline locked in steel.

A clear Route

The original website contained a lot of information about the company and its portfolio, but specific topics of interest were difficult to find. It lacked clarity and relevant information was sometimes incomplete.

We simplified the navigation and adjusted the website’s content: an informative overview page was created, as were dozens of explanatory 3D animations and graphics. Each product page begins with an animated, 3-D rendered graphic that presents the most important features via a mouse over. In order to communicate the strengths of each product more quickly, we developed an icon for each product feature.

Train on rails

Ready to Rollout

Rails with digital measurement curves that lead from a real-world environment into a tablet – this is the campaign key visual, evoking the future of rail maintenance. The rail serves as a data carrier and data-supported maintenance planning is optimized through algorithms, executed by flexible, fast, and efficient machines. A complex system is simplified, as summed up by the campaign slogan:


Discover easy maintenance.