Close-up of blue plastic threads

Online and offline go hand in hand: the new presence of KRAHN CHEMIE

KRAHN CHEMIE is a distributor of raw chemicals. We redesigned their online presence, optimizing the screen design and the backend. Special focus was given to improving their database, which hosts thousands of products, by redesigning it and adding an ergonomic product search that includes a filter. Through these measures, we turned an average tool into a useful one, with strong benefits for customers.

The client liked the imagery created through detailed shots and factual illustrations so much that it was adapted to other media. Delivery programs, the exhibition booth, and office equipment were also updated with a modern, fresh look. 

Drei Screenshots der Website auf einem MacBook
Detail picture with blue plastic structures

Go Live. Good webdesign looks brilliant also in real life.

Drei Cover der Lieferprogramm-Broschüren
Neues und altes Logo auf Visitenkarten
Verschiedene Büromaterialien