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3D visualization and motion design

New opportunities in marketing.

CGI, or computer-generated imagery, is an indispensable tool in the world of marketing – especially in the B2B industry. Otherwise impossible tasks, such as a 360° product display, or a feature for non-existent products, are made possible thanks to CGI. So if you want to give your marketing an entirely new spin, the question is no longer “What’s feasible?” but rather “What do you want?” Just contact us!

What can we do for you?

3D over film and photo: Real marketing benefits.

  • No logistical effort is required for exhibitions, studios, photographer or film crews
  • 3D product images can be changed at any time after production
  • Unrealistic representations are possible, e.g. flying or transparent parts
  • Details that cameras can’t see can be made visible
  • Non-existent or planned products can be visualized
  • The possibilities of presentation are limitless – perfect for explanatory films

3D images from scratch? No problem.

To get started, we need only one template as a basis, such as, CAD data, photos, design drawings or sketches. Using this we develop models for single images and films. Or – you can simply describe to us your vision. For us, a thousand words sometimes say more than one picture.

The full-service package of B2B professionals  

Whether you already know what you need or only that you do need something, either way, we have the solution. Especially when you have more than one task or goal, because we cover all the aspects of 360° communication. What further separates us from the crowd is that our market is pure B2B – we are acknowledged in this area as a leading German agency. Our team offers you the entire interdisciplinary performance spectrum.

CGI and 3D are new concepts to you?
Here are the basics in 100 words.

CGI stands for "Computer Generated Imagery". In principle, this also describes the closely linked and partly interchangeable concepts of motion design, motion graphics, 3D design, 3D animation, 3D rendering, and 2D visualization. These are always virtual representations, which are created entirely on a computer.

  • "Motion" and "animation" always means motion picture.
  • There is no difference between motion graphics and design.
  • The term "rendering" is often used as a substitute when talking about 3D objects. But it actually means the computing process when the computer is completing the 3D object with all its programmed properties.

What can we do for your company?

We would like to talk to you and discuss the possibilities of a collaboration in 3D and motion design with you. We're excited to receive your message or call.  

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