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The market for multifunctional printers is highly competitive and discount battles are the order of the day. Sharp wanted to counter this trend with the 360° data management system, "My Integrated Office". The problem: large retailers showed little interest in the one-stop shop solution, despite the clear product advantages. The company placed their trust in our ability to come up with a solution. So we created an experience that’s literally easy on the eyes.

A 360° solution for a 360° product that projects the “My Integrated Office” experience directly into the target group’s minds – that’s how we like to summarize our marketing concept. By combining virtual reality glasses, a smartphone, and a specially designed 360° product presentation, we brought 30 potential sales partners into the world of Sharp.

Requiring a significant investment and offering uncertain results, the idea was only possible thanks to the immense trust Sharp places in our 15-year relationship.

The venture was worth it. The surprising content of the sales presentation impressed the potential business partners at every step and sure enough, after barely any time, Sharp had begun negotiations with 80% of them. Within only one quarter, our concept led to Sharp correcting the expected volume of sales by upwards of 20%.

Marketing Intelligence &
Innovation Award (MIIA) 2017 Finalist

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as of May 2017

20% sales growth in a box.

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