Stacked elements

IKB Leasing: Success in Sight

IKB Leasing (today PEAC Finance) offers its industry and corporate customers individually tailored leasing contracts for machines and facilities. Following a break in public communication, the leasing company asked us to develop a new corporate design, modern sales documentation, and an eye-catching image campaign that would make them stand out against their competitors.  

IKB Leasing’s promise: Supporting Your Success. For us, visualizing such a philosophy without using all the clichés often found in the financial sector seemed impossible. Which is why we took a proven and internationally understood symbol for success – the budget curve – and turned it into a range of 3D sculptures that not only cover different issues but also transform the abstract world of finance into something more tangible. 

Speaking of tangible: When launching the new corporate design and image campaign we also introduced the newly structured sales material, which gets to the heart of complex financial services like modular contract options or vendor leasing. Brochures with a clear design and – as required by the target group and business field – plain explanations to help IKB Leasing salesmen get in touch with their clients.

Success: nice to have, difficult to show.

Anzeige mit internationalen Sehenswürdigkeiten in Form einer Erfolgskurve
Anzeige mit einer Maschine in Form einer Erfolgskurve
Anzeige mit Maschinen und Kleingeräten angeordnet in Form einer Erfolgskurve
Two people look at one machine

Design: nice to look at, easy to adhere to.

Broschürentitel mit einem Mann vor einer Fertigungshalle
Broschüren-Innenseite mit Gründen für Leasing statt Kauf
Broschüren-Innenseite mit Vorteilen des Vonderleasings
Illustration of several machines