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The flexible Siemens service portfolio.

Maintenance, repair, modernisation, and the remote monitoring of windpower facilities is by far the most demanding task for wind park operators and service providers. As such the portfolio of services that is offered by Siemens Wind Service is complex. When it comes to presenting complex topics in a simple way, that's where we come in. 

The wind power industry is experiencing exponential growth rates. Most of the wind parks ever installed are still in service and thousands of new one are added each year. This means that effective service solutions are crucial. To this end, Siemens offers a comprehensive service portfolio to operators, that includes a simple oil change and spare-parts service, to remote monitoring through vibrations analysis, to full-service contracts over the lifespan of a wind park.

Not all clients need all the services, though. This is why we came up with an app that functions as a sales support tool. This app enables the user to intuitively explore the service portfolio and individually pick only the services that are needed. It meets a challenging balance of user-friendliness while also providing the necessary in-depth information.

The launch of the new portfolio was communicated through a digital campaign we developed and a presence at the WindEnergy Hamburg in September 2016. The app is available online as an animation - try it out for yourself here.

GWA Profi Award 2017
Winner bronze
Category "New New"

A clean surface for in-depth information.

Screenshots aus der Web App auf iPads
Screenshots aus der Web App auf iPads
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A portfolio to make every client's mouth water.

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