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Siemens onshore: realizing the the potential of every location.

Onshore wind parks face a variety of challenges, being dependent on local laws, climate conditions, and the environment. When Siemens developed their new Onshore Direct Drive platform to answer such a variety of challenges, we were tasked to develop an accompanying  communication concept for the platform's international launch that would clearly convey these flexible product features. An exciting challenge for us.

The new Siemens Onshore Direct Drive platform has a unique advantage - the turbines, available in every wind class, have the ability to flexibly adapt to changing environment conditions. By doing so, they are able to ensure the maximum energy output at all times. 

It's a complex USP to communicate in just a headline and image. In addition, we also had to appeal to diverse interest groups, such as American wind park operators, German farmers, or Asian investors. 

To do so, we created an image concept showing the flexible adaptability of the turbine platform in every situation, to appeal to a universal demographic and place the customer themselves in the situation. 

Variations on this concept were used across the product's campaign. For the platform launch at WindEnergy Hamburg 2016, visitors had the opportunity to enter a special photo booth and experience the flexibility of the wind turbine first-hand. Further media such as a video, a product brochure, and a lenticular card conveyed the core message in innovative ways.

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the first selfie in three wind classes.

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sensation in any situation.

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Perfect fit, perfect match, perfect solution.

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