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In time for the 200th birthday of the company's founder, Siemens re-worked their global brand communication. This included the relaunch of all online communication. The groundwork for conceptualizing the new online presence was laid through a stakeholder analysis which translated into an extensive UX-concept that focused on the stakeholders' expectations. As early as the first month following the relaunch the website saw significantly improved performance.

Investors, energy suppliers, press, and politicians – all Siemens' stakeholders had to be addressed with appropriate communication on the new website. Approximately 70 pages of the existing website had to be reviewed and restructured for both the onshore and offshore wind power business units. The package consisted of the creation of new content in German and English, plus the conception and design of multimedia content.

Maintaining a clear vision in this vast content jungle was quite a challenge. However, this paled in comparison to the structuring that was necessary, which also required a definitive narrative that unified all content. Additionally, we had to cater to a diverse variety of user groups. 

But the end result is marvelous: a website that grabs you, builds your interest, and leads you through the world of Siemens Wind Power. While the total number of pages was reduced by 25% the total duration of a page visit rose by 17%. The most important indicator of them all, the conversion rate, climbed by a staggering 121%. A true highlight was the "Customer Contacts", inquiries by users via the website, which were up by 431%, and continue to rise.

Have a look for yourself here.

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