FR. Meyer's Sohn: Forwarding Business


Fr. Meyer's Sohn is a classic "hidden" champion. They aren't known to the public, yet this medium sized business is one of the world's largest independent sea freight forwarders and the largest paper and cellulose forwarder. The company planned to communicate this leading position to a wider market in the course of a strategic rebranding. But one thing you need for such an undertaking is a modern and bold appearance - which is where we came in.  


The company's name, Fr. Meyer's Sohn, formed the core of the new branding, as a replacement for the formerly used abbreviation, "FMS". We developed a detailed corporate design including a new claim: Forwarding Business. A highlight of this brand relaunch was the image brochure, with its unusual format that allows easy adaption to suit different target groups.

Berliner Type Award 2017
diploma for exceptional realisation 

Close up of containers

An extraordinary name at the core of the brand.

Neues und altes Logo auf Visitenkarten
Nahaufnahme des neuen Briefpapiers und der Visitenkarte
Cross section through a tree trunk in close-up

Who said brochures always have to have a binding?

Cover und Innenansicht der Broschüre
Cover und Innenansicht der alten Broschüre
Innenansicht der Broschüre