Siemens Games: full ahead for a sustainable future 

For the second year in a row, we were able to win over Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy for the launch campaign of a new offshore turbine. The SG 14-222 DD is based on the proven technology of its predecessor, but bigger – for a better energy output. It turns out, this is just what our cross-media campaign needs, because in the fight against climate change, every additional watt is welcome.

Featuring a rotor diameter of 222 meters and up to 15 megawatts capacity, the turbine is the new queen on the high seas, and one that customers can trust: thanks to an improved but not fundamentally altered technology, there are no surprises during operation. A good thing, but how do we craft an exciting message from this?  

Our approach: with Fridays for future, the fight against climate change gets more awareness than ever before - reliable, efficient offshore wind turbines being the hardware of the energy revolution. This inspired our campaign slogan: 
The winds of change have never been stronger.   

Around this statement, we created a launch campaign with all the trimmings: a compelling film, an informative brochure, a billboard, a trade fair wall design and a customer event, which unfortunately was cancelled due to Corona-related restrictions.  

Our digital launch, on the other hand, scored particularly well in the times of Covid: a total of 30 posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram introduced the turbine to different, targeted audiences and showcased it in a broader sustainability context. 3,871,600 impressions were generated on the four platforms, with Facebook taking the pole position - that's how social and emotional B2B can be! 

Causes ripples in the water:
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Smooth sailing: 
ad and brochure 

Campaign key visual Offshore turbine in stormy sea.
Description of the Offshore Turbine SG 14-222 DD