GOM Metrology: A magazine rooted in two worlds

GOM's 3D measuring technology is setting new standards worldwide, so its communication material has to keep up with that. A few years ago, we convinced our client to stop hiding its exciting product portfolio behind complex technical language. The corporate publishing magazine we developed is not only at home in four languages, but equally at home on the web and in print.

A well-done magazine puts the brand in the best light, informs customers and helps initiate sales conversations. That's why we recommended that GOM rethink an existing and rather factual print format from the ground up. 

From the beginning, the magazine was designed as a two-pronged effort: a web app and a print edition. Both versions fully exploit their possibilities without merely adapting the other. While the print magazine conveys classic grandeur and value, the web app is completely independent thanks to intuitive navigation, animations, and videos with additional content. 

We broke up the businesslike content, either packing it into lively stories or adapting it in such a way that the customer's benefit comes first. For three issues now, our design has followed GOM's clean, straightforward style and is published in four languages: Chinese, Japanese, English and German.

Content and conversion. The digital magazine as an ideal sales tool.

See and understand. A magazine in four languages.

Contact and confidence. The printed magazine as an ideal image medium.