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Siemens Gamesa presented us with an exciting task for its new offshore turbine’s launch – describe how decades of experience shaped the SG 10.0-193 DD’s development without “grand-standing”. No simple undertaking when the product is truly something to be proud of – but one we were eager to tackle.

The first element to be considered was the customer launch event in London. Here we showcased highlights in offshore wind over the last decades in a gallery of poster on screens at the event, effectively showing how the different generations of turbines have all contributed to the current state of the industry. In this way we illustrated not only Siemens Gamesa’s expertise, but also alluded to how these experiences fed into the new turbine’s development. To align with the customer launch event, we introduced the turbine to the wider market via an integrated social media campaign, which added an emotional quotient to the overall campaign. 

At the event these elements culminated with the introduction of the turbine via a powerful video that enforces the capability of SIEMENS GAMESA and its newest turbine against an otherwise chaotic environment. The launch event proved a great success – and the accompanying campaign was warmly received.

We selected RosenbauerSolbach for the launch of our SG 10.0-193 DD offshore wind turbine based on their strong, cohesive concept and their proven excellence in delivery. They challenged us on our briefings, worked quickly and creatively, and developed an outstanding package which they delivered on-time and on-budget. I greatly value the close relationship between our two companies, and the mutual respect we share.

David Lenti, Communications Business Partner Offshore, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

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