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CASIO B2B-Smartwatch: how a consumer gadget evolves into a B2B professional

Everyone knows G-Shock, the robust wristwatches from CASIO. What’s not so well known: CASIO produces smartwatches that are equally robust – and that these smartwatches are ideally suited for use in the B2B sector. The B2B smartwatch is an idea that was born at CASIO in the European distribution department of mobile data acquisition devices. We supported CASIO with the market launch.

The waterproof and extremely robust smartwatch CASIO Pro Trek is a consumer product until now aimed at hikers, anglers, and extreme athletes. However, the same product characteristics are in high demand elsewhere: in logistics, industry, and trade.

On the one hand the goal was to convince users from these industries that the implementation of a B2B smartwatch can simplify and improve their processes. On the other, system developers had to be convinced that this particular smartwatch is the ideal hardware for B2B applications.

In order to bring the B2B smartwatch into the focus of expert audiences, we developed a landing page that structures and sums up all of the existing information. A key visual, which can be adapted to the target group and industry, forms the basis and also accompanies all other measures, from the sales presentation to special showcase material for trade fairs.

Even a one pager can show versatility

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