Siemens Mobility – when sustainability becomes an experience

Siemens Mobility deals with intelligent traffic solutions on a daily basis. The conservation of resources is therefore already a core topic. However, as a so-called focus month, March 2021 was to be specially dedicated to sustainability. Our task was to find a visual approach to communicate topics such as digitization, efficiency enhancement, and electrification in an inviting and understandable way. The result is the Digital Sustainability Brochure.

Instead of a statistics-heavy sustainability report, we decided together with the client to focus on a stronger visual world in order to make data and facts much more accessible. To this end, we first designed a key visual including a claim and then took on the development of a digital medium that did not yet exist in this form at Siemens. A particular challenge was to work conceptually and graphically outside the more functional Siemens design language, and to remain recognizable as Siemens despite visually powerful design ideas.

The digital brochure and its accompanying website were supported by a small campaign in social and classic digital media during the focus month, which we also developed.   

A special look and feel, but totally Siemens

A picture says more than 1,000 numbers