Siemens Mobility: Building momentum for MoBase

Siemens Mobility is one of the pioneers in the field of e-commerce in rail mobility. In 2020, the existing online store for rail spare parts and services was to undergo a fundamental relaunch. As a marketplace under an all-new brand, where Siemens itself appears as one supplier among many: MoBase. We helped develop the brand from the very beginning. 

If a brand is to replace the rank and name of Siemens in its field, it had better come up with something good. In several strategy workshops, we collaborated with the client to develop an independent and, above all, energetic brand that could confidently hold its own in pole position on the market. 

The symbol of the railroad track – a straight line under high voltage – was our metaphor for the appearance, the brand communication, and the design of MoBase. Pulsating, electrifying, fast. In a Europe-wide launch campaign with an online focus, we brought the new brand to life. 

Full throttle for the new brand

The innovation station

MoBase never stands still