TESVOLT: Gibberish for a multi-talent

The TESVOLT TS-I HV 80 is a device that can’t do everything, but it can do much more than fits into a headline. We turned this necessity into a virtue – with a headline that was deliberately difficult to decipher and a campaign message that was all the clearer: the machine has so many advantages that we had to abbreviate it.

In this way, we summed up the multitude of USPs and at the same time mastered the challenge of standing out with a product that is outwardly only slightly distinguishable from its competitors.

To draw attention to the complex jack-of-all-trades, we developed a communication campaign that was tailored precisely to the respective audience, from a broad-based social media component to a more specific address in trade media and far more pointed direct marketing campaigns.

The goal was to drive traffic to the specially created campaign website to get visitors excited about TESVOLT product webinars and generate leads. The fact that the campaign was a hit can be seen in the impressive key performance indicators. We were able to exceed all the KPIs set by the customer in the form of desired targets within the planned reference period. 

A bold idea that shows its effect

Campaing roll-out online