Take off full of energy

Tech-startup TESVOLT from Lutherstadt Wittenberg is a manufacturer of energy storage solutions for industry and trade. Because these systems are quite complex, they are sold to customers exclusively through partner companies of the electrical and solar trade. To win new specialist partners, the company planned a Europe-wide roadshow with 34 stations in 10 countries during spring 2020. And to win a new agency, a pitch with the task of inspiring electricians and solar technicians to participate. A challenge that we mastered and won full of energy. With a remarkable result for all sides. 

Fortunately, the trades cannot complain about a lack of orders and too much time. But then how do you convince electricians to spend a whole day dealing with a new company and demanding products? With facts that speak a clear language and with an activating message.

Our communicative hook: The sales market for commercial storage units is growing by 35% annually. This business potential makes even busy entrepreneurs prick up their ears. Coupled with compelling USPs on TESVOLT's products and services, as well as the invitation to take off together, a compact message that was well received.

A well-thought-out sales funnel and media mix ensured that the message was spread in six languages and led to the landing page of the TESVOLT Euro Tour. Communication took place via selected specialist titles (print and web), a multi-stage e-mailing process, and social media, as the most powerful tool in the campaign.

That the online affinity within the target group is quite large, showed up in the middle of March. After already 12 successfully carried out roadshow dates, Corona paralyzed Europe. Without further ado, the website was converted and all further events were held as webinars.

The result makes us and TESVOLT equally proud: With 1,244 registrations and 182 specialist partner candidates, we have more than doubled the goals of the campaign.

On your marks, get set, go!

Print ad Campaign motif: On the right and left side of the picture, energy storage units form a trellis. In between, an electrician in the starting position.

With good arguments you will reach your goal safely

Folder Illustration of the folder closed and opened as an altar fold. Title of the folder with the campaign motif. On the inside pages, invitation to participate in the roadshow and five good reasons for TESVOLT.

"We are really impressed by how RosenbauerSolbach has managed to reach this top target group with a precise strategy and lots of creativity, and to convince such a large number of people to take part in our Euro Tour".

Thomas Franken, Marketing International at TESVOLT

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