Paper sailing boat on a red background

FR. MEYER’S SOHN: Come on board

Companies are constantly on the lookout for good trainees. To get the attention of this target group, one has to stand out from the crowd. For Fr. Meyer's Sohn, one of the world's largest independent sea freight forwarding companies, we chose an approach that simultaneously attracts the attention of trainees and contains a first "recruitment task". 

Ship Ahoy!

The target group in focus

How does one motivate carpenters and foresters to visit LIGNA, the world's leading trade fair for woodworking and timber processing – especially if the restructuring of the layout means these trades are no longer represented? In order to develop a better understanding of the target groups and the extensive information in the briefing, we organized a random sample survey and gained important insights for our campaign. The result is made to be seen.
The result is made to be seen.

 Man against a dark background

Siemens: The online relaunch that pays off

The new Siemens Wind Power website, which we played a major part in creating, has now been online for half a year. Approximately 70 pages of the previous website had to be reviewed, restructured, and fundamentally rebuilt. Our biggest challenge: maintaining a clear vision in this vast content jungle and finding a definitive narrative in both German and English, which simultaneously caters to a diverse variety of user groups. But the end result is marvelous: numbers, please!

World-class communication

RosenbauerSolbach was founded at a time when globalization was first gaining momentum. Then came the dawn of the Internet, giving globalization a huge push and turning the entire world into one single marketplace – in which German companies are export-focused. As a result, German companies’ b2b communication is now almost always international.


What’s going on in the world of online marketing?

Although B2B communication is still predominantly traditional, and online marketing is often restricted to SEO/SEA measures, we are now experiencing a tangible change in our daily business. From simple social media campaigns to the shift from the classic distribution channels into the Internet, the industry is gaining momentum.

In order to see the bigger picture and think outside the B2B filter bubble, we engaged in some major headbanging at the Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) Festival in Hamburg in early March.