Energy efficiency explained simply: Viebrockhaus' web app 

Since early 2016 there has been a new standard for energy efficient buildings, named "KfW 40 Plus". What are its implications and advantages? This is what building company Viebrockhaus, one of the first companies to offer houses according to this new standard, explained through their"KfW 40 Plus" web app. In this app, a dynamic visualization illustrates energy costs, initial investments, and a comparison between "new standard" houses and regular ones.

The app provides well-illustrated explanations as well as smart technical features. Thanks to its adaptive design it works on any platform, browser, or device. There's even an option to use it offline, which enables sale representatives to use the app during customer appointments where they might not have internet access.

cross-section of a house

Very informative in all aspects

Screenshot aus der Web-App