Roof and wall facades close-up

Wienerberger: Building new possibilities

Wienerberger GmbH Deutschland, a subsidiary of the world's largest brick producer Wienerberger AG, is a leading supplier of clay building materials. Its product range includes bricks, clay blocks, roof tiles, paving bricks, and chimney solutions.

Our task was to generate interest in clay as an urban building material and to increase Wienerberger’s profile in the relevant set of architects. An endeavor that proved successful: the campaign was awarded the GWA Effie in Gold for its effectiveness.

While previous communication had been based on individual product brands, we shifted our attention to the Wienerberger umbrella brand and its core values (strength, liveliness, versatility, and cooperation).  

To inspire the target group of architects with the individuality of the building material clay, we focused on a human, more emotional amplification of both product and brand. To this end, we combined modern clay architecture with cool individualists, creating inspiration for urban living spaces in the minds of the architects.  

In an industry environment where a black-and-white, subdued aesthetic prevails, we set a new communicative benchmark. On 14 November 2019, the campaign was awarded the GWA Effie in Gold in the Brand Image (B2B) category. 

Abstract brick tunnel entrance

Whoever wants to build modern and urban, should think of clay.

Whoever thinks of clay building materials, should think of Wienerberger.

Illuminated wall façade

Whoever thinks of effective advertising, should give us a call.

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