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Giving directions in a service maze: T-Systems Multimedia Solutions

Our client is the German market leader in professional web applications for large companies, whose permanent flow of innovations creates a diversity of services that are complex enough that potential customers could easily lose the overview. That is, until we found a solution. 

The starting point

The service portfolio of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions got a lot broader in the course of the last decade. More than 30 business unit were involved in development and sales. External communication was decentralised and therefore not very consistent.

The task

We were supposed to restructure the service portfolio and develop a new communication so it would be easy for customers to keep an overview. Keeping in mind that iover time more on and more services will be added.

The solution

We closely worked together with product management and marketing to develop a communicational hierarchy with a simplified product finder in five segments.

E-commerce / web IT-management / internet / intranet / innovations

T-Systems Media Solutions as well as each Segment of it got their own micro presence within the corporate design. This consisted of a key visual, image pool and important text-modules. Based on this structure we developed a consistent concept for literature and presentations.

Great success

This new solution provided aclearer perspective for people internally as well as externally. Employee strongly identified with the new look and feel while more and more business unit requested their "own" communication materials based on the new look. Most important of all: New business rates rose significantly. 

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Make it structured, make it simpler, make it visible.

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A passion for winning.

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