They still exist: good news and reports that make us happy. Summer has finally arrived in Germany, people are catching hope and a well-known B2B agency from Hamburg has a lot of good things to report. New clients, successfully implemented projects, and a new, friendly face in our ranks. All nicely packaged in this RS Good-News-Letter.  


We hope you enjoy reading it! 

MoBase: An electrifying new
brand for Siemens Mobility  


Attention: brand under power. MoBase is the new online marketplace under the umbrella of Siemens Mobility. Here you can find everything from individual screws to complete digital control systems, various services, and much more, especially for rail transportation. As a marketplace with many different vendors, the e-commerce platform needed an independent brand - and one that went full steam because, after all, it had to replace the Siemens name. We started from scratch and created an overall presence to be proud of, from the first concept to the latest social media post. 


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This is what it looks like:
A SuCaFoAComPro* 


The TESVOLT TS-I HV 80 is a device that can't do everything, but it can do much more than fits into a headline. We got to the heart of the numerous USPs by turning necessity into a virtue and wrapping a clear message in a deliberately unclear headline: Because the machine has so many advantages that we had to abbreviate it. Did this quirky idea turn into SuCaFoAComPro (Successful campaign for a complex product)? See for yourself!


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The Sharp Plaza  
goes home office 


Sharp Plaza? Haven't we seen that before? That's right, if you follow our news closely you will remember: Exactly two years ago we opened a three-dimensional, interactive web tool for our customer Sharp. Here, interested parties and potential users can experience Sharp's products and solutions in a realistic application. You can probably guess why this world of stores and offices was expanded to include a home office. Find out what there is to discover after the jump.


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A new expansion stage
for the GOM Magazine  


For the past three years, we have been creating an annual customer magazine for the metrology company GOM as a printed and digital edition as well as a tablet app for trade shows. After the great success of the first two issues, the magazine was expanded by two additional languages this year, so that it is now published in English, German, Chinese and Japanese. A special challenge for our 2021 production process: as live events in Europe were mostly postponed or canceled, the current issue was first published in Chinese and Japanese, for use at major trade shows in Asia. 


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Sustainability in focus
at Siemens Mobility


When Siemens Mobility isn't creating new brands, it's all about intelligent transportation solutions, and thus sustainability. In March, the company dedicated a focus month to this topic in its online communication. We supported this month with the development of a digital sustainability brochure. With a special look and a visual world outside the Siemens norm, it conveys facts and figures around topics such as digitalization, efficiency enhancement and electrification.  


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Karen, Karin, Katrin, Katharina, Kai, Carolin, Kerim, Kit, Christian, Kristin - for some time now, it has been a running joke that many of our employees are somehow called by similar names. Katharina Lehmann has recently made sure that this trend continues. Katha (not to be confused with Katharina from Office Management) enriches our creative team as Art Director and brings a lot of experience from classic advertising agencies in Dresden and Berlin to Hamburg. Welcome to the team, Katha!