Detail of a hospital corridor

Löser: when know-how and passion connect.

Löser is a provider of medical technology. Under the brand name PREDEC, it develops data management and monitoring systems for hospitals. By gathering and interpreting data, these systems contribute significantly toward improving the quality of medical care in intensive care units while identifying potential for reducing costs.

In close cooperation with our cilent we developed a portfolio structure to split up the complex product into modules. This makes it a lot easier for the sales department because we now have a micro-brandfamily which can be selected from and is adaptive to the specific needs of every department in a hospital. The catchy design, the brochures, sales literature and the website all together strengthen the brand and convey the Löser philosophy: "When know-how and passion connect". 

Darstellung des Produktportfolios anhand von Würfeln
Picture of a hospital ward

Complex portfolio - clear presentation

Cover und Innenansicht der Broschüre Predect
Innenansicht der Broschüre Predect
Screenshots der Website