Building a challenger brand.

Schwenk Dämmtechnik launched an innovative new glass wool, climowool. Our task was to position the product as premium in an already saturated market. No small challenge considering the "this is how we've always done it" attitude that permeates the industry.   


A holistic brand architecture. We decided for a mixture between ingenuity and confidence and put the message of the introductory campaign right at the top of it all: SUPERIOR. A strong claim but also a strong promise of quality.

From zero to hero within two years. The campaign worked from day one. In order to place the brand firmly into the target group's mindset we closely cooperated with the sales department, developed user-oriented online tools and numerous other effective promotional measures.

Consistent brand building pays. Meanwhile, climowool became a benchmark in quick time. Its market share had already reached 15% in the second year.

Verpackung der Climowool-Glasfaserrolle
Werbeanzeige mit dem Kampagnenmotiv
Werbeanzeige mit dem Kampagnenmotiv
Werbeanzeige mit dem Kampagnenmotiv
Screenshots der neuen Website
Drei Mitarbeiter stehen auf dem Firmengelände vor einem LKW

All information at a glance

Cover und Innenansicht der Produktbroschüre
Cover und Innenansicht der Imagebroschüre
View of the production plant
Screenshot der neuen Website auf einem MacBook
Screenshots der neuen Website
Veranschaulichung der Web-App auf zwei iPhones sowie der Hinweis auf den verwendeten QR-Code