Close-up of a machine in operation

Räder-Vogel: modern communication for a  hidden champion

Räder-Vogel is one of the world's leading manufacturers of wheels and castors. The family enterprise earned its place at the top through innovative products and customized solutions. However, the way the brand was presented didn't fully convey its market-leading position. Our task was to create communication that acknowledges Räder-Vogel's leading role that would also reference its roots as a family enterprise.   

First, we adapted the logo and the corporate design to meet modern standards, then proceeded to apply this same tonality to reworking their entire communication, from a new image brochure to the main catalog to the website.

Cover und Innenansicht der Broschüre
Innenansicht der Broschüre
Visitenkarte mit dem neuen und alten Logo
Close-up of a machine during running production

We tidied up in every corner.

Briefbogen und Visitenkarte im neuen Corporate Design
Cover und Innenansicht des Katalogs
Innenansicht des Katalogs
Innenansicht des Katalogs
Sketch of a wheel core
Screenshots der Website