X-ray of a soldering compound

YXLON: the art of detection

YXLON is the world leading manufacturer of industrial x-ray inspection and computer tomography systems. The company wanted to communicate the upgrade of two of its devices, targeted to the electronics industry. We proceeded with an unusual campaign.

At the heart of our campaign are the high-resolution and high-contrast images those machines generate. The campaign tagline "The art of detection" makes the claim that delivering x-ray pictures of such quality is an art.

GWA Profi Award 2015

Zwei Kampagnenplakate
Cover und Innenansicht der Broschüre YCheetah
Cover und Innenansicht der Broschüre YCougar
X-ray image of a printed circuit board

Ganz nah dran statt nur dabei

Screenshot der Website auf einem MacBook