Bauknecht: design meets technology

For the leading, and very traditional German manufacturer of household appliances, Bauknecht, we developed the exhibition communication concept for the Living Kitchen 2015. This  international kitchen event is targeted to retailers and as such serves as the ideal sales forum. 

We designed the key visual, the invitation, the outdoor advertising, the booth decoration and we took care of the presentation of the highlight product: the innovative ShockFreeze freezer. We used the design and tweaked it to contain a photo booth - a fun element that attracted event visitors and highlighted the product's unique selling point. Concept and design of the booth itself came from our partner agency, didid brand environments. 

Covermotiv mit jungem Mann und Claim
Ansicht der Innenseite der Messeeinladung
Man with two kitchen aids in his hand

Cool design for hot innovations

Blick auf den Messestand für die Living Kitchen 2015
Zoom on kitchen appliance

Surprise with a shock effect

Zwei Kühlschränke auf dem Messestand